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To start, login using one of your accounts at:

Amazon S3 HTTP Basic Auth Gateway

s3auth.com is a Basic HTTP Auth gateway in front of your private Amazon S3 bucket.

Point your test.example.com CNAME to relay.s3auth.com, and register the domain here. You will be able to access bucket's content in a browser with HTTP basic auth. Your bucket will be accessible using your Amazon IAM credentials and with custom user/password pairs in your .htpasswd file (similar to Apache HTTP Server).

For example, try http://maven.s3auth.com/ (with username s3auth and password s3auth). You will access content of Amazon S3 bucket maven.s3auth.com, which is not readable anonymously otherwise.

s3auth.com is an open source project, hosted at Github and Heroku. We are not affiliated anyhow with Amazon Web Services, although we provide a service for their clients. The service is absolutely free of charge, since it is sponsored by TechnoPark Corp. (a Standard Technology Partner of AWS). See also terms of use, privacy policy and license agreement at LICENSE.txt. This website is using ReXSL, Java RESTful development framework.

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